Vegas Speakers Network

Vegas Speakers Network
Our Mission
“To continually build a unique community and culture,
That supports our members of new and experience speakers,
build successful businesses, while living an amazing life.”

“Vegas Speakers Network” is a RESOURCE network for Professional and New Speakers. Which often includes coaches, consultant and business entrepreneurs. We call it a “Resource Network” vs. a “Referral Network” because unlike other meeting where other people keep asking each other for a customer referral (which get’s old) we focus on building your business. (teaching you to fish rather than just giving you a fish).  At our meeting you can experience the benefits of such processes as…

  • Speed masterminds
  • Networking
  • Featured Speakers
  • Member Hot-seat session
  • Expert Panels
  • Training on
    • Marketing
    • Selling
    • Business models
        • Key Note Speaking
        • Trainers
        • Closer
        • Marketers
        • Local Speaker Model
        • National Speaker Model
    • Content creation
    • Product development
  • Free resources of book, CD, video and more.

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