January Newsletter

Welcome to the first VSN (Vegas Speakers Network) Newsletter. There were so many things to announce that I realized this wasn’t just a email it was so much more. So here is what is going on that you should know about.

Please note, I am a speaker and not a writer, so I thank you in advance for excusing my grammar.

In this months issue…

*Prepping for the New Year

*Questions for members

*Meeting schedule

*A new strategic alliance for VSN


*Huge Gift.

Goal Setting for the New Year seems to be a natural topic for this time of year. And how many of you want to achieve more of your goals this year than you have in the past. Well then, let’s set your goals with a different strategy this year. Do the same thing the same way and nothing changes. Some speakers simply tell people write down 10 goals you have this year and that’s all. That’s like saying, “Let’s win the super bowl and our plan is to score a lot of touch downs.” Here is a link to “The Best Goal Building Webinar Ever” It has more strategies and practical concepts than most people think of.


Questions of the month to members.

What are your top three questions about building a speaking business?

What Topic would you like to see VSN cover at our monthly trainings?

What would you like to teach or speak to our group about?

Click here to answer


January meetings are as follow

You must RSVP on meetup.com.vegasspeakersnetwork

January 8th 7p-9p

Monthly Meetup ($5)


Mimi’s Cafe 7315 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy


January 15th 1p-230p

VSN Board Meeting (NC)



Discussion Growth and Support of the Group

Mimi’s Cafe 7315 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy


January 22nd 12 noon to 4pm

Monthly Training ($49, First time attendance is free)


Topic – Scripting a presentation.

Windmill Library 7060 W. Windmill Ln. 89113


VSN has created a strategic alliance with BCN(Business Connection Network) http://www.businessconnectionsnv.com/

They have four groups of local professionals that meet every week. I will be guest speaking at each of their locations once a month. Ideally this will open doors for opportunities for members of our group.

OK this is HUGE! A good friend of mine is the keynote speaker at New Media Expo. It’s a conference for about 3000 Bloggers. http://nmxlive.com/2014-lv/  If you would like to see an amazing professional speak and make six-figures in income in 90 minutes.  He needs some admin help and for your help you will receive an all access pass to the event. I believe that’s over $1000 value. If you are interested email me for details. AJ@ajpuedan.com

Also on February 7-9 there is a seminar on personal and business development here in Las Vegas. It’s one of the best trainings I have ever been to. Because of my relationships I am able to get a few tickets for our members. Other people at this event will have traveled across the country and have paid $2000 for this event. And a few VSN members will be able to go free. I can only do this for a few people, so before I announce all the details I wanted to give a chance to those most interested to get the tickets first. Email me for details on this event. aj@ajpuedan.com

All right, Lots coming up so…

Email me your feedback and if you would like to talk to me or get together, schedule a time with me using my online meeting planner www.CallWithAJ.com