January 22nd Training

“Outline and Scripting Your Presentations”

This month training you will learn and apply strategies that will make outlining and scripting your presentations simple and easy. Weather you are preparing content for a full keynote presentation, a sales presentation or just blogs, video and chucks of your bigger presentation. At this training you will be give many templates that will make your communication more entertaining and powerful. This is a must attend training for serious and new speakers. My good friend Jase Souder will be co-teaching it with me and talking about adding humor points to your presentations too. The Training is Wednesday, January 22nd from 9am to 1pm at Music 4 Life,  2975 South Rainbow Blvd, Suite B

Here is what they had to say about the last training


This 4 hour workshop, people are allowed to attend their first two training for free. Normally be $79 for non-members and $49 for members. And since just started doing the trainings that mean everyone is free this month.

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