My Favorite AV Equipment

Here is a list of my favorite AV equipment

chosen for flexibility and price

Lapel Mics $470 I like the batter recievers because it’s small and i don’t have to look for power to plug them in. plus i have to bring batteries anyways
Headsets $24 buy a few extra, cheap enough to buy in case one breaks
HandMics $480 i could only find handheld mics where the reciever needs to be pluged in
Sound system $800 Great system for up 200-300 people. You would need to think ahead for packing and shipping it to location.
Speaker stands $25 you will need this with the sound system
Mixing Board $60 this is useful for when you don’t have your own sound system. you can just plug everything into this and then you just have one connecting into another sound system
Projector $500 other people tell me to spend a lot for a brighter projector. I find 2500-3000 lumen to be plenty enough
Projector screens $60-75 these are fine for travel, small and large screen