Jase Souder

photoJase Souder is a nationally recognized public speaker and trainer, specializing in success training, influence and productivity.

Jase is the creator of the Persuasion Paradigm, an effective step-by-step influence system, the DYSALA Healing Method and is the founder of Life Tigers LLC, a leading personal development seminar company.

Jase has appeared on national and local TV and radio and he’s in the inspirational movie Pass It On, where he’s featured along with many of today’s leaders. A bestselling author, Jase has been
in four bestselling books.

Jase understands the numbers, and the people side of business;

If you want an event that is both rewarding to you and your students, then we are here to help. Our
presentations are seen by attendees as a high value, integral, part of any seminar. Couple that with
increased sales for you, plus more effective use of your material by your students (who will then
return to you for more) and we have a win-win-win The term “motivational speaker” just doesn’t fit
Unlike the myriad group whom refer to themselves as motivational speakers, Jase focuses on
success principles which will help your audience be more productive, energized and happy, and
your company more profitable. Drawing on his experience as a business owner, life coach, and
certified hypnotist Jase is well qualified to speak to your group. He is an expert and speaks on
influence, negotiating, personality types, NLP, reading body language, closing techniques, sales,
overcoming fear, time management, productivity, getting through fear and helping your audience go
over, around or through their obstacles.

Not just a lecture: learning can be fun…and education entertaining!

Unlike your average speaker, Jase’s presentations are fun, interactive and entertaining. Jase will
delight, inspire and move your group. A seminar leader and a personal development trainer, Jase is
a trainer, and as a trainer, focuses on the double goals of a great presentation and training which
produces results. In an informal, straight to the point, and humorous style, Jase connects with any
audience. Ask about having Jase perform a fun and entertaining hypnotic show for your
group. Jase knows how to get an audience laughing. And moving to the back table.

Also available: an event MC who can sell and set up speakers for sales:

We have MC’d events and helped the promoter match total sales volume from previous years with
half the attendees of the previous year.