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Melanie Hope

AJ, thanks again for putting this together. I’m looking forward to more fellowship and learning!

“ Informative, to say the least. I highly recommend it to any speaker at any level who wants to take their business to the next level. ”
Great resources for a speaker at any level.
Derrick Daniels
Wow! I was definitely impressed. Very warm, friendly, and helpful people. The information that was shared was exactly what I wanted/needed to learn. I am excited about the direction in which the group is heading. I believe that group and the members will reach great heights in the future.
Beverly Ridedout
Excellent. Lots of useful information to get you thinking and started on your journey.
Branch Whitney
Great information for the beginning speaker that normally would take years to learn. AJ is a pro with 27 years experience and he is willing to share!
Karen Miller
Good Afternoon All,
I too, am very pleased at the start of our new group! AJ, your leadership, forethought and knowledge will bring VSN a long way and I look forward to being part of that journey, assisting in any way I can. Thanks again and everyone have a Wonderfully Blessed, Healthy and Successful Day.
Greg Agustin Jr.
AWESOME!  “ Excited to grow and experience the growth of the Vegas Speakers Network! ”
George Dare
Excellent! Greater than I had anticipated. Well organized. So glad that AJ has taken over this group – he is the perfect role model for anyone who is looking for a career as a professional speaker.
Kathi Kulesza
Thank you for the warm welcome!!
Serena Denmark

AJ generously shared of his knowledge and expertise. It was very informative and inspiring. Thanks AJ!

Great workshop! Learned a lot. Thank you, Aj and Jase!Branch Whitney
Branch Whitney

Great instruction and insight from two professionals willing to over deliver. Thanks!John Polish

John Polish

Every minute had value. Thanks guysJump Start Jim
Jump Start Jim
Power-Packed Training, Aj and Jase delivered info. others have paid thousands of dollars for. Thanks Gentlemen.Kathi Kulesza
Kathi Kulesza
Love your passion and energy.Skye Baloo
Skye Baloo
thank you both so much. The day was packed with fabulous and fun contentJodi Friedman
Jodi Friedman
It was awesome! I plan to use some of the tips in my teaching people to heal themselves. Thank you both!Heather
Fantastic! Thanks so much for the training!!Vital Germaine
Vital Germaine
You guys were GREAT! I learned, I laughed and I was inspired! Time well spent. Thank you both.Beverly Ridedout
Beverly Ridedout
Excellent!! Lots of very high energy activity and information.